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Cooperate Social Responsibility

Health and Safety

KJV treats our employees as valuable assets. We believe that employees in both physical and mental health will bring in positive spirits to working environments. So, KJV is very willing to provide a clean, safe, and friendly working environment for employees.

— “5S” Methodology
“sort” (seiri), “set in order” (seiton), “shine” (seiso), “standardize” (seiketsu), and “sustain” (shitsuke).

Through observation method, KJV is able to develop many suitable ways that allow employees to consistently operate in the processes. For example, clearly label tooling storage can quickly pick up right tool at the first time. It can reduce the risk of picking wrong tools, eliminate irregular items, improve work efficiency, and meet ideally “0” accident injure in work environment. To be fair, each department shall assign a member to join 5S auditing team. The team will check internal plants twice a month and record the places that need to be improved to enhance work safety.

–Right Dress Code
To protect employees’ safety on operation machines, the company provides employees suitable protection depends on work duty, occupational safety training, and scheduled machine maintenance. For example, employee healthy examination schedule, compensation on protection shoes, machine maintenance schedule, operation training, and emergency response training.

— Nutrition and Food Service
Food is a necessary need for life and related to employees’ health. The company has its own kitchens and chefs to provide nutritional meal. Moreover, employees can take turn to choose meals for all employees. It helps employee eat well and healthy to improve their focus at work.