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Water Resource

** Water Resources
Groundwater overdraft, seawater intrusion, and subsidence have been important issues in Taiwan. KJV also believes water is an important resource on earth. KJV decides not to use groundwater and tries to minimize the usage of water in the production process.

** Waste Water Treatment System
KJV uses environment-friendly chemicals to provide surface protection and corrosion resistance for product requirements. KJV knew if chemicals, industrial waste oil, and water are not treated properly, they could seriously cause the environmental damage and pollutions. KJV has established a waste-water treatment system since 1990 and acquired a new system in 2017. All production waste water before discharge must proceed different steps in water treatment, including filtration, precipitation, and pH test, etc. In addition to the automatic pH test, KJV randomly tests waste water quality. Annually, we request the outside professions to execute the tests and ask for their suggestions for the improvements. It would ensure KJV complies the local waste water standard.